Sermons and Essays


Prayer of the Heart: An Examination of the Baptist Practice of Extemporaneous Prayer and an Argument for Preparation and Conceived Prayer

I wrote this essay as a term paper for a course on the theology of prayer taught by Professor Don Sailers at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. In the paper, I examine the strengths of spontaneous prayer, but ultimately argue that the prayers offered in public should be prepared in order to maximize the use of a Baptist cultural-linguistic framework. Such prayer will best engage the affections of the passive participants.

Prayer of the Heart (Download pdf)

The Individual and Authority: The History, Individualism, and Authority of Soul Competency in the theology of Edgar Young Mullins 

This essay is a term paper written for a course on The Evangelical Tradition in America under Professor Dominic Erdozain. The paper examines the work of Baptist theologian E.Y. Mullins and the historical roots of his conception of Soul Competency. I argue that the concept has historical Baptist roots, but it does undermine authority within the church, which has led to trouble for Southern Baptists in the 21st century.

The Individual and Authority (Download pdf)


Every Barrier Torn Down: Romans 3:21-26

I delivered this sermon on Reformation Sunday 2016. It was a season in which the country (the US) felt divided in a contentious election season. I felt the need to remind everyone that there are no differences between us when it comes to our need and access to the gospel. I write my sermons in full manuscript, but it is written in order to be spoken. Therefore, there might be incomplete sentences, or ones that start with a coordinating conjunction, etc.

Every Barrier Torn Down (Download pdf) 

A Living, Daring Faith: The Interaction Between our Faith and the History we have in Christ

This sermon was delivered to Briarwood Baptist Church on July 23, 2017. In it, I explored the idea that our hope and faith has a foundation in the historical occurrence of Jesus’s resurrection.

A Living, Daring Faith (Download pdf)