Short Thought Saturday: Live Peaceably With All

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” – Romans 12:18

This verse came to me on inauguration day this year. I was depressed. I did not like what was happening in America. It was not so much the actual person being inaugurated as it was the extreme polarization of views in our country.

I live in red state America. In my interactions with people I have discovered that no one is going to change views through argumentation and reasoning, liberal or conservative. We are entrenched. If I chose to hate and avoid everyone that disagreed with me, I would be a lonely person. My best option is to take the high road. Rather than trying to argue with people, which is of limited usefulness, show them in some tangible way that you care about them.

When someone sees that you truly care about them, our individual opinions fade into the background. In fact, when someone sees that you care about them, your opinions gain more credibility. With that bond of love established, true understanding can begin.

I do not think that one side will ever completely capitulate, nor should it. When we love one another, we will begin to understand the viewpoint of the other. That is the way I see it at least. The only way out of this quagmire is love and living peaceably. All other pathways are darkness.

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  1. Bonsai says:

    We care about you too you know. It is just there are many ways to accomplish the same thing.


    1. Daniel Hulsey says:

      Thank you for the kind words. However, I am a bit confused on who the “we” is and what is the “same thing” we are trying to accomplish? Those are honest questions and not internet comment snark.


      1. Bonsai says:

        Fair. Anyone who voted Trump (Republican) would be the “we.” I guarantee you that many of us who did vote republican are compassionate, giving people. We volunteer and fight for a variety of causes unrelated to our political choice. But honestly, the way the government has been run for the past 8 years has not done well by the the folks who need help to get on their feet. We could argue this or that point…talk about immigration and such, but honestly I think the world will be a better place if we take a different approach here in the US. I want nothing more for the people here and abroad than for more people to succeed and be self-sufficient. Both sides really want the same things but we believe in different methods. Let’s wait and see. More jobs are being created as we speak.


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