Cathartic Expressions

Welcome to my new site! I am publishing this website primarily to have a place to write and share with others. Most of my writing up to this point in life has been for academic purposes with a narrow audience. Now that I am finished with school (for now at least), I want to hone my skills as a writer in a new environment and for a new audience.

I imagine that you will eventually find a fairly disparate collections of writings on this blog. Most will probably revolve around hiking, fishing, camping, and old family stories. There will also be some theological and historical content here. My vision for this site is to be a web repository for my random content. I may develop other sites that have a more cohesive focus, and I will let you know about them.

There are times when I feel that the internet has fed human hubris as if everyone needs to share their thoughts with the world. However, I also believe that dialogue can lead to better understanding and fraternity among us. For dialogue to occur, thoughts have to be expressed. This is my little corner of the world to enter into the dialogue with my thoughts.

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